Switching to a 6 a.m. workout?!

Man, I’m doing it. Two posts in two days – does this count as a roll? Am I on one? As Mondays go, today was pretty great. Though it took a good twenty minutes, I got up early enough (~6:45 a.m.) to go for a two mile jog before getting ready for work. This is the second workday in a row I’ve gotten up early enough to go for the run and I really can’t promote it enough. The actual act of getting up is pretty sucktacular – I spent the better part of my 25 years as an insomniac with a penchant for reading books by the illumination of a clip-on reading light; I consequently melted it in two one night when I was in third or fourth grade. But with the use of my handy dandy Sleep Cycle app (http://wp.me/p2HlrE-e3), I woke up at my lightest point and consequently wasn’t quite as groggy.

A few tips for those transitioning to morning workouts?

1. Have everything ready. I have all my workout clothes folded on my nightstand, outfit for the next day on my chair, breakfast and lunch in the fridge, and if I’m going to Soldierfit, all of the day’s clothes plus towel, shower stuff, and water bottle are prepped. If I don’t have everything prepared, I will forget it. I’ve forgotten my gym shoes before. I seriously drove to the gym barefoot and then was confused. This also happens when you carry so much shit in your backseat you just kind of assume you have a pair of sneakers back there.

melatonin2. Get a good night’s sleep. I have trouble getting up after a late night regardless, but if I stayed up until 12:30 a.m. and my alarm is going off at 6 for a run I will undoubtedly fall back asleep until 7:35, which is the “oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit” time period wherein I’m almost late to work. So. Know when you’re getting up, go to bed like 8.5 hours before then. I’m also a fan of melatonin; I don’t take it every single night but I do take it pretty regularly and it really helps keep my sleeping regular. You can pick it up at Wal-mart, or if you hate them as much as me, pretty much any store that sells any vitamins. I get the dissolvable kind that taste like strawberries because even though I’m perfectly capable of taking pills, I’m a 5-year-old. There are different milligram amounts so I’d stay stick with a low amount, at least at first, because if you take too much it can actually keep you up. Research, friends.

3. Stick with it. This is for me especially but I am one of those 50 yard dash people who gets super into something for a short period of time but then loses interest almost as quickly. You can see it in my blog postings in the past – at least in the frequency. I’ve read time and time again that to have something become routine you need to do it for at least 21 days. Hence the 21-Day Fix (not something I’ve tried but I’ve heard good things about) and other workout programs that pressure at least three weeks to a month of commitment. Insanity is 60 days but they break it into 30 day increments. When talking to Beau (the guy I’m seeing) about it, someone who wakes up at 4:30-5:00 a.m. six days a week to get to the gym and lift heavy weights, he said that it really was all about finding a routine for him. Now he has to go to have his day pan out. Speaking of which…

4. Ask around, get information from others. I’ve asked a multitude of friends who are similarly troubled with schedules that just don’t seem to fit evening fitness well and almost all of them have been great resources. But if you’re looking for motivation, answers, ideas, whatever, do research. It’s not weird, I swear. One of the greatest motivations I’ve found is using my tumblr to join workout ‘groups’ with other like-minded individuals. We all encourage each other and it’s honestly the biggest push in me making this change to really get back into the flow of working out. Tumblr is a great resource, but so are other fitness blogs (pbfingers.com is a personal favorite). Check them out! Honestly, just google it. I swear by Google.

5. Find a way to hold yourself accountable. I’m still working on this one – it’s so easy for me to just give the day a middle finger and crawl into pjs but now it’s the first thing I do and once it’s done, it’s done. So, if I don’t work out first thing, I am going to make an effort to tell someone. Basically, tattling on myself. I need that though. It’s too easy for me to fall back into procrastination.

That’s all I really have right now in the way of tips – I’m still super new to this transition. But, it’s 10 and I have to be up at 6 so I’m going to go plug my ears and try to sleep. Unfortunately, this is also the week my parents have decided to watch the TV until 11 p.m. and my the walls are thin. On the upside, moving out mid-year 2015 is looking more and more possible and boy am I excited. I miss having my own space.

Anyone else have any tips for morning workouts?

– a.