How iPhone apps saved my life *

* I am being super melodramatic

Sorry all, I’m not dead, I didn’t give up on blogging, I just needed some time to downward spiral in my own head and then slowly work on bringing myself back up. On the downside, I had my trust broken again and have had to pick up the pieces on my own, but, on the upside I have fallen into a wonderful running rhythm, read a whole actual buttload of new books, actually sat down at the piano and attempted to play again for no reason other than my own pleasure, and interviewed for a few new jobs. One in particular I’m really hoping to hear back from but I’m not going to jinx myself. I have good days and bad days but luckily I’m human and I heal.

I actually read a wonderful line from a book I just finished: “I am stronger than my trials.” And I am. And I’ll be just fine.

Related to iPhone apps however, I have found some awesome ones. I mean awesome. You know when you download an app and you’re thinking, “Oh well, let’s just see…” and then you open it and play with it and end up making this face?:


That’s what I did. About five times over in one night. I actually went to the App store to look for a meditation app, hoping to find something to help when I’m at work and don’t want to use the interwebs.

“Jonathan Goldman’s Chakra Tuner”

I’ve always been interested in the concept of the seven chakras and this app has both information and an actual ‘tuner’ that you can use. You can work on just one, my particular is the heart chakra, or the app offers a 7 minute chakra tuner. I’ve done it a few times before bed and it really does seem to ground and focus me. Sure, I felt a little silly making base noises along with Jonathan Goldman, but the app features non-synthesized chakra chimes. This app may not be for you if this isn’t your cup of tea, but the app is beautifully designed and it certainly helps bring me a sense of peace when I’ve been feeling anxious (which is frequently).

“Yoga Studio”

So, I’ve been slacking in my yoga. I am an awful yogi. My poor yoga mat looks sad and dejected in the corner of my room. My problem is that a lot of the yoga classes offered at my gym fall during times that I work and I just can’t afford lessons at an actual yoga studio right now. Maybe if I am offered the dream job I interviewed for this week….hopeful. Anyway, yoga studio is an app that offers pre-made yoga sequences with different focuses such as flexibility or strength. You can download whichever ones you want to your phone. It also has different levels, such as beginner or intermediate. The app also offers you the option of creating your own sequences, of which I am a huge fan. It also includes a section on poses and pose blocks, with videos. I am a huge fan of meditation or yoga during my break at work and this gives me portability and convenience. And the sequences are wonderful.

“Transform Your Life”

Cheri Huber created this beautiful app that I have very quickly fallen in love with, even though my dad said it seemed like a ‘chick’ app. It’s a simple app that each day gives you a quote to make you think and, hopefully, spiritually grow. Under the quote is an ‘assignment’ for the day. You can even set a timer to remind you to think about it. The whole point of the app is “awareness practice”. I strongly suggest you to check it out, if only just to make you think of interesting things. I’ve thought about using some of the assignments for groups at work. The introduction as a cartoon of a monk doing a cartwheel. Come on now.

“Free Hypnosis”

This app was created by Joseph Clough, an international trainer, therapist, and author. You have the opportunity download from a large range of free hypnosis sessions. You also can download ones that are more specific and pretty cheap, or he can create one specially for you. I’m not really sure how I feel about hypnosis, but I figure it can’t hurt to try and it helps me relax and sleep. He has some great motivational ones, especially one labelled “Remember Who You Are”. Something about it really gets me going and motivates me.

“All Trails”

My dad has a similar app by Northface but I like this one a lot. As an avid hiker and occasional trail runner, an app that locates where I am then locates trails around me is wonderful. Especially moving back to my hometown where I just wasn’t aware of many. Not only does it locate trails, it gives distance from you, distance of the trail, difficulty of the trail, the options for how to attempt the trails (some you can rock climb, that sort of thing). Hikers can also upload photos and give reviews for the trails. I think this is invaluable. Love it.

“Sleep Cycle”

A friend introduced me to the app and then I downloaded it on my own. This app is just plain cool. You place your phone under your sheet next to your pillow and it tracks how you sleep. It uses something in the phone to track your movements and then somehow from there deem how you’re sleeping. It records the data and can track sleeping patterns and oh it’s just so cool. I can’t even begin to describe all of the cool things you can do. Check it out. Just do it.


I got this app through Sleep Cycle. The two can link up, which I think is cool. Seeing how my workouts affect my sleep quality? Super science-y and awesome. The app itself is similar to Nike Running +, or at least that’s what it feels like to me. However, you can choose from different activities like skating, swimming, elliptical, hiking, running…I think that’s nice because I don’t always run. You could get a heart rate monitor to work with it, which when I have money I will, and you can also track weight loss and create base plans. I like that there’s more to it, more versatility, and a connection with Sleep Cycle.

Some of the apps were free, some cost a few bucks. I think they were all well worth it. I’d been thinking about writing this post for a while; I once thought that most iPhone apps were wastes of space and money, all games that I’d lose interest in within a week, but I was wrong. There are some wonderful things out there and wonderful people making great tools.

Side note: I’ve lost eight pounds and kept it off – here’s to hoping for another ten! 🙂

Missed you all, missed being a part of the blogging community. I’ll write again very soon!

– a.


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