Beautiful Hump Days

It’s Wednesday, and it also happens to be one of the weeks where I work Monday-Friday and have the weekend off. Well, I had last weekend off. This weekend I get the pleasure of waking up at 5am on Sunday and working 7am to 3pm, because why make things easy.

But anyway, I have a relatively nice Hump Day because I don’t work until 6:30, which means most of a day I have free. What have I done? Scanned modcloth, attempted to find a proper big busted sports bra on Amazon, and watched TNT…because Bones is on, damnit.Image

I would be outside, but my 3.5 mile run yesterday has left my shins a mess today. It sucks, because when I don’t push myself too hard, I don’t get a great workout. But when I push myself like I did yesterday (fastest recorded 5k!), I end up with shin pain. Anyone who has been following my blog or knows me personally knows that I struggle HARD with shin splints. I have for years. My body just can’t figure out how to work appropriately, apparently.

I’m frustrated because today would be a perfect, and I mean perfect, day for a hike. But, instead, I’m making an iced chai latte and trying to pamper my never ending sunburn. Am I in running clothes? You betcha, baby. Did all that accomplish was to make me sad? You betcha, baby. Did that last question confuse me to type? You betcha, baby.


Also, my room is a pigsty in this photo. That’s totally acceptable. Shh.

I did, however, look up compression socks and sleeves for my calves. I finally broke down and bought a pair of running shorts that I love, but I still am going to need compression on my shins to help. After some digging, I’ve decided on dropping what I think is a pretty penny on some Zensah compression sleeves. I’ve heard a lot of good about them. Also, I was pretty excited when I measured a XS/S size…and I have pretty massive calves. Like, woah hey there, don’t kick me.

I’m also thinking about meal planning. Back in Ye Olde Chambersburg, I lived on my own and was, in general, much better at planning my meals. But here I don’t have as much control because I don’t buy groceries. And goddamn to my parents love their Tostitos chips. And, apparently, my Popchips. I was wondering why my box kept looking more and more sparse.

What are your exercise struggles?

If you’ve had shin splints, how’d you work through them?

What are your thoughts on meal planning? Great idea/way too much work?



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