The alternative title to this was dirty.

No really, I just laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair. And then deleted it because probably next to nobody else would find it as funny as me. Hola amigos/amigas! It is officially summer weather here in Maryland, and I can’t get enough. I walked almost five miles on Monday (great exercise) just to be outside. Of course, my hips were sore the next day and my face and shoulders were burnt but it was well worth it. I’m hoping to keep that regimen up though, walking 4-5 miles at least a few times a week. I’m thinking that if I do, it’ll start building the much needed strength in my hips to make me a more solid runner.

I have plans, I really do.

So, I have a few entries that have built up and are lined up for this week. Today I’m focusing on a problem I dealt with over the past couple weeks: Eating out. Please feel free to imagine all of the titles I could’ve come up with for this entry. But it really has been a problem for me! Man-thing doesn’t really cook on his own much and usually when he’s hungry, he’s hANGRY and there’s just no time to plan things. I’ve stuck to not eating fast food, which I’m happy about because I really wanted to give all traditional fast food up, but restaurant eating is killing me. And it hasn’t been healthy: pad thai, barbecue pit beef, more barbecue, burgers with a fried egg, burritos with egg, cheese, and beef…Just thousands and thousands of calories. Of course, I was trying to be sneakily unaccountable and didn’t take photos of most of my said unhealthy meals but I figured telling you would be just the same. 


Left: The vegetable panini in all it’s sprouty glory. Right: The fish and chips that I know were bad for me, but were so good I just couldn’t care. Bottom: Roasted red pepper and gouda soup – probably my biggest weakness in life.

In fact, what I did end up with, are a few photos of things that are good eating out foods. For example, one of my favorite coffee shops (local business!) has a vegetable panini that is to die for. I mean, oh yes. Pure vegetable heaven with none of that condiment crap and a nice piece of Meunster cheese = happy camper Alyssa.  I need to find more places that if need be, I can get a quick meal without wanting to cry over my “Lose It” app afterward. Also, I’m finding that the 1,200 marker is a lot harder for me to keep to now than when I lived alone. It’s frustrating though, because like you can see in the top right, one night I gave in and ordered Fish and Chips. Don’t get me wrong, these were probably the best Fish and Chips I’ve ever had in America, but they go completely against the lifestyle I’m trying to set for myself.

So basically, I’m looking for a medium that when I spend a lot of time with Man-thing, he doesn’t have to completely change his lifestyle (though, he has mentioned he’d like to spend less on food) and I don’t have to gain 13 pounds and spend all of my meager earnings on meals I regret later. One of my favorite body builders wrote down all of the foods she craved while she was training for a show. Now, I’m not trying to become a female body builder by any stretch of the imagination, but maybe writing down the craving would help me identify when I get them…and then find a solution.

I will say, I went to Wegman’s for the first time ever (I KNOW RIGHT) for Girl’s Day, which will have it’s own special post as soon as I finish PicMonkeying all the things, and probably committed some kind of felony on the vegetarian hot bar. I don’t…I don’t even have words. So many options. I honestly could eat vegetarian 95% of the time. I was one for seven years but it was a healthy vegetarianism, not really. A lot of carbs and crappy Iceburg lettuce salads in high school.

How do you manage eating out when you’re trying to follow a balanced lifestyle?

What are your biggest food cravings?

What is your favorite ‘healthy’ place to eat out?

I’ll try to have a second post up this evening!

– a.


One thought on “The alternative title to this was dirty.

  1. You’re right on target with your observations. It’s so hard to find alternatives to fast food and restaurant eating. Busy professionals are our specialty!

    Keep up the great work. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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