Stay-cations and Motivations

So this may sound totally weird, but this blog entry is my “mental break” right now. I’ve been applying for jobs for a little over an hour and my brain already is kind of swilling about. A co-worker and I had a pretty honest conversation about our jobs today: we love them, but wow is it hard to be young and broke. I’m hoping to find a full-time job closer to my home and maybe continue working Per Diem at my current facility, every other weekend or so.

But on to more interesting things! So, it has been awhile I suppose. I’ll be honest, guys: I had four days off of work (built up PTO time just begging to be used) and even though I planned on spending them running and blogging, I basically spent them on a bed or couch snuggling. Bad me. I don’t really feel bad though, because what is the point of a vacation if you don’t relax? And boy did I.VdayDrink

I did manage to make it to the gym on Thursday and Saturday, so I really didn’t lose any work out days…even though my Saturday workout was basically me hurdling through a mile on the treadmill then showering and running out the door for FORMAL! 🙂 This post will be a recap, next post will be recipes of things eaten/made/devoured/worshipped and the continuance of my workout tweak.

So, brief-ish stay-cation recap:


VdaySteveMy day of luuurv was probably the best I’ve had in years. And no, I didn’t not spend the majority of it with a man! I woke up, spent my morning relaxing and browsing blogs, then went to the gym and worked out HARD (see next post for specifics!), then made myself look fabulous and met my friend Taylor for drinks. I also may have tortured Steve with kisses for the entire morning and he may still be feeling vengeful because he bit my lip today but I don’t blame him.

Taylor and I went to T.G.I. Fridays after a whirlwind of trying to figure out where the hell to park. I haven’t been out to dinner for Valentine’s Day in years. I’m not bitter about that at all. We sat at the bar, luckily there were two seats available for us to squeeze into, and man I have to tell you: we were the most attractive women at that bar. Both of us are good looking women as it is but still, it was a really nice feeling. And it let to a man giving us his free dessert. Hello! We had a great time, I drank a pink martini, and we ended up going back to her house and hanging out. I had made plans with man-sicle (I’m sorry, I really don’t know what else to call you…also I almost wrote “man-nequin” and laughed) to basically just snuggle afterwards in a very non-holidayish manner. It was all around a great day. I wish I had taken a picture of Taylor and I because we looked super fabulous. You’ll just have to trust me. Va-Va-Voom.


You know what’s sad? I’m looking through my texts to remember the order in which I did things this weekend. When I say that there was a lot of being in the horizontal position, I mean it. We woke up, and because both of cuddle partner’s roommates work on Fridays, we had the house to ourselves. So we made breakfast. And napped. Though, I am particularly proud because I made “my eggs” (i.e. mostly egg whites) and HE LIKED THEM. HAHA. Healthy food wins again! We lazed about, and even though there were a few half-hearted attempts to actually do something productive, napping won. I actually barely made it home in time for dinner with my parents. We were supposed to go to this place in Boonsboro but thanks to the hour and a half wait and the really intense moment when a server came running through asking if anyone knew CPR, we chose not to stay. Speaking of which, I know CPR, but what the customer actually needed was the Heimlich. Luckily, this was administered by one of four (go figure) registered nurses in the restaurant at the time. So nobody’s fate was in my hands…FOR NOW.


Fresh garlic, fresh basil, and goat cheese. Yum.

We ended up at my favorite pizza place in the world. Il Fornos Pizzeria in Frederick, MD. I don’t have words and pictures do no justice. But I was transported to cheesy, garlicky, happy heavenland for about 25 minutes while I munched. Add one Samuel Adams Spring Alpine draft beer and I am in hog heaven. Minus the tiny detail that I was not a huge fan of the beer. I’ve really turned into one of those people that REALLY has to be in the mood for beer or I just won’t drink it.

I ended up back at Taylor’s, where she and, ew I almost wrote man meat in seriousness but you can guess who I’m talking about, had made a baked fish dinner that they both apparently loved. We then all proceeded to drink maybe a little too much wine and be merry. It was a really nice Friday night.


Oh my gosh, you guys. I love Formal. What is it, you ask? Formal is something the fraternity that I was sweetheart for in college does every year around this time where all active brothers and dates plus a lot of alumni (and dates, or in my case, harems) get together, dress up, eat, drink, and be merry. It’s one of the few chances I get to see a lot of people that graduated before or with me in college, or that I just don’t get a chance to see. Weirdly (but still awesome-ly), two of my co-workers were there as well. We all knew each other from college before we were co-workers. Small world? I say yes.


Myself, Tara, and Vicky – note that both Vicky and I took one shoe off for this. Unplanned!

So I woke up and much cuddling happened and then after tugging on my arm for about 25 minutes (he really didn’t want to stop cuddling…I don’t blame him), I raced home, raced to the gym, flailed on the treadmill, then raced to my co-worker/friend Tara’s house to get ready together.

It was held at this place called Premier Events in Shippensburg; they don’t have their liquor license so it’s BYOB. Which is awesome – I’ve never seen so many bottles of wine floating about. And, of course, pictures were taken. After formal ended – by the way, did you know that there is a new ‘dance’ called “The Wobble” and I am apparently to old and sad to know it? – we went to our favorite local bar and commenced joie de vivre.

The night ended with me driving back to Maryland, I hadn’t really been in the mood to drink or party too hearty, to deliver a mediocre burger and fries to a rather silly Man-Wich (oh, these are getting awful). Who then proceeded to eat that, an egg sandwich I made for him, and make bacon at about 5am. I was asleep for the bacon-making, but it was commendable nonetheless.

Sunday, or, The Last Day

I was supposed to run a 5k on Sunday. Not an official one, but at the gym as a workout. This is me being accountable: I did not do that. I ate one heck of a breakfast made by a friend of the Tremanson household (for future reference: that’s Taylor and gang’s house) consisting of eggs with cheddar cheese, green onions, spinach, and possibly nirvana. I laid around a bit more until mid-afternoon, when a few of the bunch wanted to do something and all I wanted was a Disney movie and a fleece blanket. So I went home and took a bath, lazily flopped around in what could possibly be considered yoga-like positions, and ate some of my mom’s asparagus salad. I don’t have the recipe for it, but I’m going to get it from her and put it on here because IT IS DELICIOUS. I know there’s asparagus, leek or green onion, quinoa, mint, and a whole big bunch of other things but it was so good.

After that, I ended up back at Tremanson for movie watching and chips and queso. We watched Django, which was probably one of the better movies I’ve seen in a while. While the blood mists became a little ridiculous at points, I loved the storyline, characters, and music. And I officially believe that Django was “The” O.G. If you know what I mean.


Back to the Grind


Obviously that is not me. I am not a dog.

So that was it, my stay-cation. I just can’t seem to bring myself to regret not being productive. Sometimes I run myself ragged driving to get everything possible done and it doesn’t make me a happy person. And even though I wasn’t feeling remotely motivated to work out Saturday, I still made myself do something, even if it was only a mile. Last night, I wasn’t in the mood again but I still powered through over 20 minutes on the bicycle and a few weight machines. Today, luckily, I felt my motivation kick back up a notch. Maybe it was getting back into the swing of things, maybe it was the pizza I ate for lunch at my work training (Basic HIV…yay). But when the gym location I usually go to was so busy I couldn’t find a parking spot and was too late for yoga, I went to the next nearest one and hopped on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

I’ve been very into this blog: Success Along the Weigh and the writer, The Mrs., wrote something fabulous that I love. This isn’t verbatim but she said that it isn’t about the days when you’re feeling motivated because those are the easy days; it’s about the days you don’t want to, you don’t care, you get a case of the “f-its” and want to eat a big piece of chocolate torte with greek frozen yogurt (not that I’ve ever done that). Those are the days that matter most. And even though this little break for me was full of laziness, I still managed to make it to the gym every other day. I still watched what I ate, and even though everything wasn’t healthy, it equaled out at the end of the day.

But that’s all for now – I should be back to regularly scheduled blog posts.

What is your ideal vacation? Have you ever just taken a few days off to be at home?

What do you do when you aren’t feeling motivated to exercise or eat right? How do you get over the hump?


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